2017's top 5 overseas social media campaigns by Chinese brands

April 18, 2018

The term "engage with your customer" is becoming more and more important in the field of customrer relationship management (CRM). At the same time, Chinese brands are getting popular the world over and not just because of their product quality and competitive prices. Some very influential social media campaigns in international markets have also been extremely effective.


Chopsticks has summarised the top 5 dynamic overseas marketing campaigns by Chinese brands. Let's find out what made these campaigns so successful and how they drew the attention from their ideal customer.



Brand: Huawei

Social Media: Instagram+Facebook

Method: UGC (User-generated content)


Over the last Christmas season, Huawei launched a campaign on Instagram called "#makersofchristmas", inviting users to share their most impressive Christmas photos.


The campaign not only increased customer loyalty and created a new B2C channel to communicate with their user base, but also attracted potential phone buyers to their new Huawei Dual Camera Mobile - if only because of the high quality of the photos submitted.



Brand: Moutai

Social Media: Facebook

Method: Questions+Images


Multiple choice questions - what a simple idea! Moutai followed the Two & Eight procedure in that 80% of daily posts on Facebook are based on users’ interest and only 20% of content is relevant to the brand. Moutai’s public facebook page focuses on trending events and entertainment, always putting their followers first but skillfully combining content with their brand for greater exposure.



Brand: China Southern Airlines

Social Media: Facebook

Method: Customer Survey


China Southern Airlines has the most followers on Facebook for a Chinese brand with the latest figure of 2.3 million followers. Taking advantage of the community function of Facebook, CSA launched a questionnaire survey - #CSAirYourViews, and gave small gifts as a reward to collect customers’ feedback. Their interaction with existing customers was strengthened, and their loyalty and user 'stickiness' also improved.



Brand: Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau

Social Media: Facebook

Method: Online Voting


The Tourism of Hunan Province Facebook Public Page @TourHunan under the theme of “Autumn of Xiaoxiang,” they launched online photo contest. They invited followers to upload their city’s beautiful autumn view and post the autumn in Hunan to compete. All followers can vote their favourite photo for a chance to win the prize. The linkage of scenery for Hunan and the world at the same time successfully attracted followers to travel.



Brand: Haier

Social Media: Facebook

Method: Award-winning questions


Can you believe Haier in Pakistan’s Facebook Public Page is the No. 1 in the category of home appliance social media channels? Haier asks followers to fill in the questions in the picture and pick out one lucky person at a time, using a five-day cycle called "answer&win". Who will ignore the attractive prize? Moreover, the bombardment of posting does not make followers feel disgusted but also deepens the impression of the product in the minds of consumers.

We can see that these Chinese brands they didn't use any complex method to enhance their branding overseas, instead they only launched very simple campaign and interact with their followers and customers. The marketing strategy in China is pretty much the same, as long as you follow fast, simple and accurate, you can achieve your goal very well.


Source: Panda Compass

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