Laos' beef bound for China after new free trade agreement

May 8, 2018

Now that a live livestock trade agreement was recently concluded between China and Laos, both Chinese and Lao companies are looking for capital investment into their beef farms.


Interest in Lao beef is growing in China due to proximity to market (think China's One Belt, One Road) and a product that is comparatively low in beef fat. Indeed China is intending to import 2 million head of cattle combined from Laos and neighbouring Burma, but Laos is unsure whether it can meet China's strict demands for imported beef.


Lao geography, climate and natural resources are very suitable for raising cattle, but a shortage of money and professional knowledge are main problems to Lao livestock holders. If Laos wants to help meet China’s increasing rates of beef consumption, Laos needs to first increase livestock numbers, expand its export program and change its modus operandi to a more modern agricultural industry.

The Laos government has been getting outside assistance to help in this way, cooperating with New Zealand to enhance Lao breed of bull and also benefitting from a joint 'South-South Cooperation' through the UN's Food & Agriculture Organisation.


Looking to the neighbouring Vietnamese live cattle trade with China, the numbers are growing year on year with export figures attaining US $23.3 million in 2015, $45.5 million in 2016, and $36.66 million in 2017.


Source Sohu, Which-50 Media

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