Does 'knowledge marketing' attract Chinese consumers?

May 21, 2018

In a maturing consumer market, aspirational Chinese are thirsting for more knowledge behind their choice of products and services leading to some major brands to trial new methods to connect with their ideal customer.


Recently, the Japanese auto brand Infiniti ran a promotion via the Zhihu(知乎) website conducting a 10 hours live stream showing the disassembly of one of its vehicles.


Equivalent to Yahoo! Answers or Quora, Zhihu is a Chinese question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by the community of its users which also features high-profile Chinese entrepreneurs and public intellectuals.

To connect with potential customers in a brand-building exercise, Infiniti chose to emphasise its technology advantages as a starting point and invited experts to explain the disassembly for an uninterrupted 10 hours. The Zhihu community users saw a brand new and geek-friendly Infiniti using a popular medium in the form of a live stream which allows people to see products in a straightforward manner.


Infiniti invited the technical director of 4S to disassemble a new vehicle model in person, while also inviting two famous Zhihu community users to participate in the live stream and by allowing Zhihu users to ask questions and participate, they eventually had 14,000 users engaged in the activity online.


After the stream ended, the content created as a result of the live stream was then summarized into a written technical article and shared a second time where it was shared further by users eventually reaching a total of 200 million page views.


Translated by Yu Yang

Source: woshipm

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